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Number of players: 2-5 people / Time of the game: 60 minutes / Location: Zabrze / Pricing Select Englisch as a language Wybierz Polski jako język Select City


What is
"open the lock"?

Open the lock is a new type of entertainment, in which you can feel like a video game character. It is based on "escape the room" type of games where the player has to get out from a locked room before the time is up. How can you do it? Solve the riddles, crack the codes and find the key to open the lock so you can run free! It is a game for all people in all ages! The only thing you have to be prepared for is great fun! It is an amazing opportunity which unwinds your imagination, develops the ability to cooperate with others and teaches you how to act quickly under the pressure of time. How to get out? Open your mind to open the lock.


60 minutes

Time for resolve all secrets and puzzles from the room is only one hour. Can you do it?


Mystery rooms

In our offer you can find rooms with various themes. Each of them has its own history and unique climate. Make a choice and try your hand!



Cooperation, solving puzzles, breaking codes and unraveling secrets - that will give you unforgettable impressions. A large dose of emotions and twists cause that you will be remember for a long time.

Rozwijamy inteligencję

Open your mind

This adventure will let you test your skills. Intelligence, smartness, perceptiveness and skill of making decisions under time pressure. Everything will be needed and cooperation with your patners will help to conquer. Be vigilant - everything matters.

Uczymy się współpracy w grupie


It will be hard on your own - you have to trust yourself and go together through a series of adventures, which waiting for you. Lack of communication or common analysis of clues and tips won’t have desired effect.

Ćwiczymy refleks


Intelligence, smartness and cooperation are really important in this game, but that's not all. Your opponent will be time so get ready to rapid decision-making. Time is running out..

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